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The voyage by clipper ship to New Zealand is a nightmare for Jeremy. He is seasick every day. When he can, he writes in his diary, addressing each entry to Helen. The journey seems forever, but finally, one day, on the horizon, is the island of New Zealand. Theo and Jeremy have arrived. One journey has ended. The journey to come is awesome. Greeted with hostility from the moment they step ashore, Theo and Jeremy befriend a local rogue and wanted man, McNiff (played by Hugh Keays-Byrne, whom you will remember as "Toecutter" in Mad Max). The threesome prepare to embark by land to the volcano they believe to be the location Casper sought out. Then another surprise. Whom do they come upon but Alice, Casper’s wife, and the patron of the expedition. She demands to accompany Jeremy, Theo and McNiff -- something unheard of in the 19th Century. Since she’s paying the bills, they have no choice but to agree. And so the party takes to the road.

Jeremy is having his first taste of true adventure, and while he’s not sure he likes it, he finds something alluring about the journey into the unknown.

After a harrowing encounter with native Maori tribesmen, the party learns of a passage down, deep into the earth’s core. Uncle Theo is certain that this is the route that Casper Hastings took.

Bryan Brown as Casper Hastings.

And for Theo and Jeremy, it is a once in a lifetime opportunity to study geology firsthand, and to test Theo’s theory of another world at the center of the earth. By the time you’ve watched all this unfold, you’ll find yourself immersed in the wonder of the storytelling. But what is yet to come, created using the latest computer imaging techniques, is so powerfully compelling you won’t be able to tear your eyes away from the screen. At the center of this wild ride, Jeremy London unfolds the metamorphosis of his character, Jonas Lytton. Ahead is the journey down, ever downward, deeper and deeper, to the point where all hope seems lost.

Eventually the party emerges onto a beach.

Proof positive is found that Casper has passed this way before them. A flock of hostile pterodactyls is just one of the terrors that exist side by side with the extraordinary beauty of this world in the center of our planet.

And then, for Jeremy, a life changing moment. He peers upward at an outcropping of rocks. Is something moving up there? Or over there? Suddenly Jeremy’s vision clears, and he finds himself staring at a human girl. She stares back at him. They share a coup de foudre (the thunderbolt of love). Jeremy finds himself madly scrabbling to the top of the cliff. He chases in vain; the girl, seemingly frightened, eludes him. But this young woman, Ralna, is to be the force that gives Jeremy the deepest passion he has ever felt, and a curiosity that may never be satisfied.

Next, more on Jeremy and Journey, and the further romantic adventures created by the father of science fiction, Jules Verne....