Fashion Finds for May 2000

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Look at our May story line-up:

The look dates back more than half a millennium -- the tradition is ancient.  

He calls himself Flambeaux.  He is a denizen of the New York club world.  His sculptural headpieces have been worn by Puff Daddy and other pop trend-setters.  Flambeaux is also a master of performance art, mixing fire ritual and exhibitionistic displays of body art.  His goal is to transform the wearer into an image of his or her fantasy self.  Native to Scotland, having worked all over the world, circus-trained in London, ranching cattle in the American Southwest, Flambeaux is unique, as are the original photographs in Fashion Finds.

Gina Hooper's Ultra Bags are The Jam in carry-wear.  Sold at ultra-chic boutiques like Hedra Prue, her brilliantly toned retro-futuristic perforated leather carries are guaranteed eye candy.  And her multi-pocketed roll-up totes are The Jam with hair stylists and makeup artists.  Featuring more original photography.

Aleksa Palladino, just emerging from her teens, already has 7 films under her belt, a TV movie out this month, and two films to be released this year.  Don't expect Aleksa to turn up in any bathroom joke pictures.  Raised and living in Greenwich Village, Aleksa is serious about using her acting gifts to convey important messages.  In a fascinating interview with editor Gina Pia Cooper, this diminutive young woman reveals wisdom beyond her years.  Here too, unlike any other Internet magazine, you'll see original, exclusive studio and outdoor photographs.

They call themselves Sloane Rangers, Chelsea Girls, West End Girls, Camden Cyber-Chic Girls, and the rest.  They're the girls of London, each with their own shopping street , and strictly-adhered-to looks.  Our London correspondent provides a guide to London Girls, accompanied by original photography.


Our BUYING BEAUTY column for March tests four undereye concealers.  We compare four brands: two drugstore brands, and two department store brands.  Check out which fares best.  Here's a hint:  one of the inexpensive drugstore brands rates higher than the high-price department store brands!

Our hugely popular TOP 5 OF 5 column, with copy and watercolor illustration by Kathy Martinez, visits French Connection, J. Crew, Gap, Banana Republic, and Ann Taylor, showing you what looks best this month.

In our INDULGENCES column, the ABC's of Stila's spring 2000 line, plus Viviscal, a hair growth product proven in European medical testing to stimulate growth without the risks of the big-name hair growth remedies.

We always present brilliant contemporary poetry.  For March, William C. Burns, Jr. offers two splendid poems in PARNASSUS.

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