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Look Brightly lit, colorful, well-designed displays, techno music at just the right level, avant-garde video displays featuring multi-cultural images layered with lush nature scenes.  Faux marble counters and pickled wood floors.   Plenty of room to play.  There's a magazine rack and chairs, and as you enter, tea service.  The two days we visited, 5S was serving cherry tea and orange ginger mint.  The outdoor handwritten-in-crayon sidewalk boards announcing the tea flavor is a nice Sixties/Woodstock touch.  There are  flat screen monitors: one displays the 5S web site, one is a "game," where you discover your "sense" and your "color," based on 5S's well-researched mind/body approach to beauty.  There are stations for makeup consultations.
Vibe Welcoming, stay as long as you want, play as long as you want.  Friendly, knowledgeable sales people.  
The Goods All the products sold are by 5S.  5S is a child company of Shiseido, but geared to a younger customer.  Of all the stores we visited, we found 5S to have the broadest color range, in every kind of cosmetic, from lipstick to eye shadow.  They have everything from the natural look to glam.  There are 5 categories of skin care products.  5S calls them "the 5 senses of well being": energizing, purifying, calming, adoring, and nurturing.  Each category has its own display of numerous skin and beauty products.  5S is the only store we visited that remembers that you may be shopping for a gift.  Gift bundles are available, with power puffs, soaps, sponges, etc.  They're packaged in clear plastic cookie jars, wire baskets, and in towels tied with ribbon.  All told, we really like the eye-pleasing color spectrum presented in the store. 
Our Pick Chamomile eye pillow, $12
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