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Shu Uemura
Look As we entered, we thought "There's some kind of temple thing going on here."  Sure enough, the display of brushes is called "The Brush Shrine."  It's spare.  Everything is on the wall.  The center space is empty.  Shu Uemura intends the space to resemble an artist's studio.  There are curved ceiling pieces.  Shu Uemura tells us the lighting is intended to balance daylight, home lighting and office lighting.  There are four boxes set into a wall, each lit to resemble "office artificial," "bright daylight," "natural outdoor," and "public space."  If you put a smear of color on your hand, it looks totally different in each box, but is it true to the lighting indicated?  We wonder.  There are stations for makeup consultations.  In the back, behind the glass doors, there are private makeup rooms.  In case you were wondering, Shu Uemura was a Hollywood makeup artist in the late Fifties.
Vibe There's a pronounced sense of self-importance and Uemura worship in the store.  There's barely a sales person to be found.  We discovered that there are video cameras (and we suspect microphones) feeding shots of the sales floor to the executives in the back.  It's a little too Big Brother.
The Goods Only Shu Uemura products.  Famous for every kind of makeup tool you can imagine, all of the best quality:  they're all here.   There's a 3-step skin care product line.  Also, peripheral skin care products, numerous types of foundation, powders, blushes, eye colors, lip colors, body care products, and perfumes.  Don't miss the makeup boxes designed as if for professional makeup artists, but tailored for your daily makeup organizing obsession!
Our Pick Fake eyelashes in fun colors (see photo above): pink and yellow, orange, blue, purple and green.  $9
Call Them At (800) 743-8205.  You can order a catalog.
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