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Look We should say at the outset that we visited Sephora in SoHo. They've since opened a bigger store in Rockefeller Center. We haven't been there, but as far as SoHo is concerned: This cavernous space with tacky decor looks like a duty-free airport store, which isn't surprising, since the owner made his millions in duty-free airport stores.  It's dark, the walls are black, and there are black-and-white striped columns.  It's terrible lighting to select makeup in.  Here, too, you are being watched by ceiling video cameras.
Vibe Truly the rudest and most obnoxious store we have ever been in.   Stupid and hostile sales help, and a large security force of goons.  Why are they there?

Nobody's buying anything.  People appear to be stopping in to apply makeup and leave. 

The uniforms worn by the sales help and goons are a black cheesy polyester that belongs in a garage.

It's sad, lame and unhip. 

The Goods Sephora carries most well-known cosmetic brands and fragrances in limited quantity, and they sell their own brand as well.  They also sell makeup tools and hair accessories.
Our Pick We are not recommending anything, because we don't recommend the store.
Call Them At (212) 877-SEPHORA
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