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Letters to the Editor

About 20% of Fashion Finds readers live outside the United States.  From Melbourne, Australia, this email responds to my Editor's Letter expressing my thoughts about creating a contemporary Utopia. 

Dear Gina,
I would like to take a moment to thank you for that inspirational message. It is so hard to remember the true meaning of life, and with the world changing at the rapid speed that it does, we seldom have time to stop and think about what really is important, and what really matters. Is it the shoes that people wear, or their clothes that say so much about them? I think not, but rather what is inside each and every one of us -- what makes us happy (really happy), what makes us sad, what makes our hearts flutter and our tears roll down our faces staining our cheeks. The world of today is too busy following the paths which have already been created (wrong paths might I add) to consider anything or anybody but themselves (I too am guilty of this). But every once in a while, somebody makes us stop and realize that we are doing it wrong, be it a child smiling and playing innocently, a kind gesture, or a kind act of faith (which these days is sadly often questioned), or a person making their own path -- different from the norm, and expressing how they really feel, expressing their point of view -- stopping and realizing that things are getting away from us (as you have done...). I want to thank you, Gina, for making me stop and realize that there is so much more to life than what I am getting and giving back, and for making me realize that the world could be a much better place if we only put our selfishness aside, and opened our hearts. My utopia is for all people, regardless of race, regardless of religion or beliefs, to embrace each other, not be suspicious of one another. I hope that we can all come to the realization that one person can make a difference. However, together we can make an impact.
Keep up the good work.
-- Claudia (Melbourne Australia)

And here is a simply beautiful letter we received from our reader, and friend, Larry:

Spring has been around here in Zhengzhou (China) for weeks, but it was only this afternoon, I did feel it.

Along the sidewalks near my home, there are lines of Paulownia trees. In the winter, the branches were bare with leaves shedding day after day, stretching into the leaden sky like the arms of an old man; more like that of a peasant.

In the late 1970s, my family lived inside a fundamental school in a remote town. There were lots of Paulownia trees, very big ones, in this family-temple-turned-school. Every spring, the kids would gather together and then decide what we could do to enjoy the sweetest time of the year. In the air, the fragrance of Paulownia permeated through every inch of our bodies, and melted the young and innocent minds of children into the hilarious laughter of a spring breeze. In the Chinese class, I just learned a lesson on the spring. It said, when the spring came, the ice cover on the brook would thaw, and lovely ducklings would swim merrily on the water. Even today, I still clearly remember the gourd hanging outside the classroom. It must have been in summer times, but I just couldn't help linking the gourd with spring.

In the yard of the school where my family resided, there were many plants and trees, one of which grew cherry-like fruits. In the morning, there would be many fallen fruits on the ground. The night wind had cleaned the earth like a brush. The fruits looked as red as shining ruby. They stained where it hit the earth. Sometime I tried in vain to climb on the tree to pick up the ripe fruit. But it was not as delicious as it looked, and at that time, I learned what Zhang San Feng learned when his mother told him when she was dying,"Pretty looks cheat."

There the spring came, and it was the best time for the children in the school. It was best because of the Paulownia flowers sweet in scent, and so imaginative in shape. No one, I think, could resist the temptation of Paulowvia once s/he is raided for once. Till present, the synonym of spring for me has been the blossom of Paulowvia flower. As I was too little to climb on the trunk like elder boys did, I would just stand under the shade of trees and immerse myself in the gentle breeze. For a moment, one piece of flower might drop and I would pick it up and indulge myself in the mysterious spell of this common tree in northern China.

That's why I have such a special feeling about trees and flowers, which were my best companions in the late 1970s (the time of China's so-called Cultural Revolution --Gina), known for the general poverty and cultural scarcity. The appalling realities didn't leave much impression on a boy's mind, except in a nightmare, but I do have some reason to cherish the simple life of that era despite all the physical suffering and mental torture on the parts of my parents.

Now I am back in reality from the memory of my distant childhood. Last week, all the Chinese Parasol (introduced from French? ) trees along Huang He Road were pruned and grafted so that in the spring, the hairy seeds of the trees won’t fly into the eyes of pedestrians and bicycle-riders like Mr. Toad. After the trimming, the street looked much different and wider. The rain of last weekend moistened the air. Typical of spring weather. Day out and day in working in the corporate building, I am almost insensitive about the spring until the blooming flowers of Paulwnia caught my eyes this afternoon on the way back home. At once all the sweet memories blended with the fragrance drifting in the wind. One of my friends once told me that life is right out there for you to choose a way that makes sense for you and your beloved ones.
-- Larry

A reader responds to our Buying Beauty test of color stay lipstick:

I am responding with more information about Revlon Moisture Stay Lip Color (which our test top-rated --Gina).  I love everything about it EXCEPT the holder itself.  I use Revlon Lip Color all the time.  It's the only Lip Color I have found that I like.  However, it seems to be a bad design in packaging.  I mean that after using the same tube for a while, when it gets down about half way, the thin shape doesn't seems to hold up. It always breaks toward the bottom and then you have almost half a tube that is difficult to use because it wants to fall over to the side .  It's almost as if it softens as it ages and then breaks in half.  Any one else have this problem?

Love Letters

Your article re "Sun-kissed Provence......." makeup was very interesting, cool and frank!! Well done, and keep up the good work.
-- Juliet

Your writings are interesting and inspirational.
-- Betty

Very fashionable collection. Keep me on the list.
-- Karen

I have explored many sites and consider myself somewhat experienced with glamour.  But what a cute and ingenious way to express and attract!
-- John

Very impressive site, I think it is simple, yet very attractive to the eye.
-- J

Great job.  I love your choices and art. 
-- Cary

I am a graphic designer and art director for the fashion world and I think your illustrations are SASSY! I love them!
Rock on!
-- Gayl

The new issue looks fabulous!  I especially like the editorial on Carlos Batts (FYI, Carlos photographed our current lead story on Norma Kamali swimsuits --Gina).  Walter Steiger's shoes were really sexy.
-- G

This site rox!!!
I absolutely loved your letter to readers. I printed it out so
I can paste it in my journal. All of the things you mentioned about your Utopia really hit home. It was really moving because of its deeper meaning. I was very touched...
-- Eloine

-- C

Regarding your article on Tunji Dada, I quote, "Fluent in French, Tunji also feels that the African nations that were once French colonies, like his native Nigeria..." 
Not to quibble, but Nigeria was a British colony.  Which perhaps explains the "twiggy look" in many of his designs.
-- H. D. G.

Of course, you're right, H. D. G..  I've made the correction for future readers.  --Gina

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