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The Gap "HI THERE! WELCOME TO THE GAP!" said the amphetamined Gen-Xer. And so I was welcomed to the Gap on 5th Avenue. Hands down, this is the Gappiest Gap I've ever been in. Flashes of " open 24 hours" appear on two huge video monitors as the hip, techno rendition of Cornershop's "Brimful of Asha" blasts -- I feel like I'm part of one of their commercials. I become unnerved
and slightly frightened at the sight of all those khaki pants, like they were about to come alive and do the jitterbug. So, humor me in my protest against the khaki pant, if only for the fleeting moments it takes to read this article. Besides, we all know what they look like already.
All that said, let's go on to the khaki skirt -- oh no! I just can't
help myself! I understand the aesthetic neutrality of khaki, especially in
its relationship with color, and as a testament to that I have chosen this
skirt. It's knee-length, has a front zip and button closure like the
aforementioned pants, and has a tiny slit pocket on the right side. It's also got a kick vent in the front instead of the back, for kicking forward I
suppose. $38.00
The next item can be seen as the second part of my testament to
khaki. I cannot deny the prettiness of the combination of the khaki with
fuchsia-purple of this ribbed V-neck T-shirt, in three quarter-length sleeve, of course. It also comes in pink, stone, lime, beige, black and white, and costs $28.00
Then we have a lightweight cotton tote bag in pale blue denim with a
greyish-beige trim on the inside, $19.50
For easy summer living, there's this linen dress. It's got a sweet
V-neckline and pleats at the bust for shape. It comes in grey and 
indigo blue, $58.00
Lastly, there's this tank top, with high neckline -- more like a cotton
shell top than a tank top, $15.50. It's cotton, and comes in loads of
colors: pink, red, grey, white, lime, ice blue, and black.
Nine West Our next destination is Nine West, for some footwear and a couple of

First up is this slide. Its gentle curved angles soften the
geometric elements of its design. Comes in grey suede or black leather. $62.00
Next is my nod to the whole modern-orthopedic shoe trend. It's a
grey-blue leather slip-on shoe.  I like the fact that it's half-shoe/half
slide. $75.00
These ballerina flats I've been eyeing for a while. I like the copper ones because it gives them a fairy princess quality that mixes interestingly with their whole basic Audrey Hepburn classic-ness. They're now on sale for $44.99 and also come in white.
Here's a solid pink plastic bracelet with a slight pearly look to it. It's kind of like Wonder Woman's bracelets, but it's pink, and plastic. $25.00
Finally, on the earring front I liked this square, silver pair. They
have a greenish-blue stone in the center, and are sort of dangly, but not
overly dangly, if you know what I mean. $20.00
Liz Claiborne We now go onward to Liz Claiborne, where there's a mix of styles to choose from, from slight Martha Stewart tones to more graphic tops.  One could find things for work and the weekend here.

First, we have an acetate/rayon top. It's cut on the bias, so its got
some stretch, but it's not so clingy. That makes it great for warmer weather. It's got a V-neck, and the fabric is navy with little white paisley print. $89.00
Then we have a rayon/cotton knee length skirt that's knitted, so it's
got more texture than some other black skirts out there. $78.00
The next item I liked because of its graphic quality and its color,
a true bright red. It's a sleeveless rayon/polyester tunic top with a crew
neck. It comes to about hip length, has side slits, and has little pleats at
the side of the bust for some shape, $48.00. Because red can be a difficult color to wear, they've also made this in black.
In the Lizwear section of the store, which is the more casual line, I
found this little tank top. It's got delicate thin straps and lacy detailing
happening at the top. But because it's made of cotton/spandex and comes in traditional T-shirt colors, it fails to be in any way doily-like. Available in oatmeal heather, pale butter yellow, and white. $29.00
The final item from Liz Claiborne is this very springy shoulder bag.
It is made of cotton canvas, has a metal magnetic closure, and comes in beige or pale blue, with contrasting plaid lining on the inside. $29.00
So there we have the Top 5 for this month. I hope you don't think I'm
nuts for bugging out about the khaki pants! Enjoy, and I'll be back next