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Helena Rubinstein:

Look This recently-opened store, on Spring Street in Soho, absolutely glows -- a golden glow that spills through the window onto the street. The window decorations will be changed monthly.  When we visited, the display was a magical oasis: a tropical scene, with palm trees, a stream, and beautifully arranged Rubinstein products.  But the entire oasis scene was rendered in white, giving the installation a winter/tropical quality that was just stunning.

The interior is beautifully designed.  Counters and displays are curvaceous, and you stroll through it all following a gentle angularity.

The minute you walk in, you are given a free sample, as an example, a small tube of mascara.  Unique among all the flagship stores we've reviewed, you get gift-with-purchase.  One day, we were given three sample Rubinstein products.

There are something like 5 makeup stations, all busy, but with space around them, all in a large circle.  This area is simply electric. 

The sales people are attractive, well-mannered, well dressed, and very well made up.

The display tables are truly instructive.  Each features a large photo of a model in avant-garde makeup, and around the photograph are the products required to create the effect.

Skin care charts, a wealth of information, warm colors, superb lighting -- this store has it all.

And they deliver throughout Manhattan!

Vibe Excitement, energy, fun, welcoming, friendly, happy.  This shop has good vibrations, period.  Where did you last see clients being made up, and every one turning to you and broadly grinning?  The staff is super-nice, very knowledgeable about the product lines, and they invite you to play and ask questions.
The Goods An entire skin care gallery, a wonderful array of colors for eyes, cheeks, lips, skin, and nails.  All delicious!  Check out the eye powders, the opalized bronzers, the lip glosses, and the body and face glimmers.   There are soaps and bath products, tools, and makeup bags.  The spa is downstairs.  Rubinstein offers facials, body treatments, massage therapies, waxing, brow shaping, manicures and pedicures, to name a few of the services.
Our Pick We thought the face and body glimmer in Effervescence was ultra-great. $20
Call Them At 877.4HRSOHO (toll free); Spa: 212.343.9963
Web Site Not at press time.

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