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One of the Kiehl's window displays.

This photo of the line to the cash register was taken from just outside the front door!

Look The actual name is Kiehl's Since 1851.  It's a fourth generation family-owned company recently purchased by Estee Lauder. This is actually an old apothecary.  When you enter on Saturday .... WHOA!!!!  People are packed in like the subway during rush hour. You can't even get near the merchandise.  Visit on a weekday when it's quieter, and there isn't an endless wait at the cash register.  On Saturday, the line to the register was literally from the front door all the way down the one and only aisle.   It's interesting to visit, although it's in an out-of-the-way part of Manhattan, but why not just order from the catalog?  Or get Kiehl's products from a store near you.  The look is just functional.  Tables with rows of products.  There are some nice antiquey displays featuring things from the old days, but let's face it, this isn't a trip to a drug store museum.  It's their products we want.
Vibe There's a big guy to keep the line in order so people have space to walk into the store.  The sales people behind the counter are friendly and knowledgeable.  The products look tempting, but the main thing is that a whole lot of people want Kiehl's stuff.  What is helpful is that right when you enter the store, there are stacks of product, size and price lists of the entire inventory.
The Goods Cleansers, scrubs, toners, moisturizers, eye area preparations, shaving products for men and women, face masks, sun screens, bath and shower products, a sports product line, shampoos, conditioners, styling aids, products for babies and children, ointments, powder and makeup:  lipsticks, lip gloss and lip cremes (Pink Champagne is a nice, soft coral color).  Essences, perfumes, and colognes.
Our Pick Tea Tree Oil Body Cleanser, $14.95.
Call Them At 800.KIEHLS-1
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