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The Body Shop

Look There are 10 Body Shops in Manhattan.  We visited the one on Fifth Avenue and 20th Street, just east of Chelsea.  We chose this store because it's the Body Shop to visit in Manhattan to find discontinued products at a discount.  When we were there, the discontinued items were 3 for $5.00.   Otherwise the inventory is pretty much the same store-to-store.  They seem to be trying to create a Disney World version of an "olde" apothecary.  It's very busy to the eye, with lots of splashy colors and displays.  The conceit is adolescent.  Note the hideously Tide-like sale signs.  There's dark green everywhere, not just on the walls, but in the packaging as well.  Even though there are plenty of testers for you to play with, there are only a few mirrors, and they're very tiny.  The lighting is not good (again, we have pumped it up in the photos above), not proper for trying out makeup.  Overall, the design is a botch.  The "olde shoppe" bit went out in 1979.
Vibe Busy.  People are looking around, not many are buying.  The help is available, but you have to approach them.    
The Goods Gift packs, fragrances, body and bath products, face and skin care products, aromatherapy, makeup bags, brushes, sponges, custom scenting, sun care products, a line of hemp products, makeup removers, massage oils, a vitamin E line, a cocoa butter line, hair care products, a product line for men, and of course, makeup:  foundations, powders, blushes, eye powders, eye shines, eye crayons, lipsticks, lip crayons, lip pencils, lip glosses and mascaras.
Our Pick A tennis ball sized Alka-Seltzer for your bath called "Bath Fizzies," wrapped like a big Ricola.  We like it in Marinis, which has a nice, clean scent, $5.00.
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The Body Shop