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Look There are four Aveda stores in Manhattan.   We visited one of the two Soho stores, which is not only the largest of the four, but is called the Aveda Institute.  It's a salon, spa and training facility.   It's a nearly cavernous space.  It's quite dark, with some lighting on the displays, but less than it looks in our pictures above.  With dark walls and ceilings, there is a slightly gloomy feeling about the place.  The interior doesn't seem to be designed with any  apparent marketing philosophy.  It feels bleak and unwelcoming, especially since there wasn't a single customer in the salon, which had about 20 stations.  Picture it as a large, dark space, with lots of open areas poorly lit, and just a few displays lit just enough to read the labels.  The items do not have prices on them.  Here and there, you may find a small sign on a shelf with a price list.  It's also on a very deserted street, not part of the bustling, filled-with-tourists, center of the neighborhood.
Vibe Moribund.  There is virtually no staff to be seen -- we only saw two staff members in the product area.  And they stroll around looking down at the floor.
The Goods The first thing you see when you enter is a large selection of vitamin supplements.  Also, skin care products, infusions, their extensive hair care line, a men's product line, perfume and aromatherapy, potpourri, tea in various flavorings, a custom-mixable hair-coloring line, silver jewelry, books, makeup -- foundations, powders, blushes, lipsticks, and eye powders (Wisteria is a nice shade).  
Our Pick A scented candle called Euphoric that comes in white Dixie Cups, for those of you old enough to remember them, and for you youngsters, in small cardboard ice cream containers, the kind you eat with a little spoon, $9.00.
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