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Shu Uemura Spring/Summer 2000

You'll have to hang on until late March to get your hands on the spring/summer makeup collection from Shu Uemura.  But you can see it now -- the line in its entirety -- right here.  And we've included ideas from Shu Uemura himself to inspire you to create your own "awakened" look.

The line is called Awakening -- …veil in French.  Here is how Shu Uemura describes the collection:

"A free expression of youthful light-hearted enthusiasm.  Dewy and bright green blooming eyes, and soft shiny pink lips, evoke a positive outward vision of the future with a refreshed energy from 'Spring' aromatic incense."

Here are the three elements of the collection as described by Shu Uemura:

4 Color Palette Set of Matte Pressed Shadows, $50.00

Brilliant orange-yellow For hope & desire
Mild banana yellow For rebirth
Soft green For harmony and liberation
Yellow-green For energy & growth

4 Individual Pots of Lip Gloss, $20.00
Fresh gentle shades with an herbal fragrance and refreshing sensation.

Angelica: A pale yellow green, nearly invisible on the lips.
Clove Pink: A blooming pastel pink.
Wild Strawberry: A juicy, glittering fuchsia red.
Scarlet Willow: A sunlight- golden dazzling coral/orange.

Incense Eveil 2000, $25.00

This delicate cardboard carrying case contains 24 small incense sticks in 4 scents.  Included is a metal incense holder to permit you to burn a stick whenever and wherever you please. The colors  echo the makeup palette. Here are the 4 scents:

  • Orange Valley: Orange flower with bitter orange scent.
  • Under the Tree: PatchouIi, vetiver and sandalwood.
  • Spring Breeze: Lavender with sage.
  • Handful of Leaves: Green tea.

Here is how Shu Uemura summarizes the concept of the Awakening collection:

"Dewy skin is accented by expressive bright budding green eyes, emphasizing roundness, with single false flare lower lashes. Lips are sweetly glossed with pink glittering freshness.

Aroma centers the soul."


Next, Shu Uemura offers suggestions on using the Awakening collection:

"The current trend is to make cheeks inconspicuous, so use a yellow color for the cheeks. Our regular line has a few yellows. It gives a fresher impression than rose- toned.

Itís best to just choose one of the glosses to wear alone as a soft shiny wet swipe to draw attraction to the mouth. The center of the lower lip is the focal point, not the shape.

For foundation, a dewy glowing look is appropriate. Put a shade lighter on eyelids as the base for really illuminating the eyes.

Create a soft looking brow, not an artificial look.

Use all four colors in the palette for eyes.

Here are four eye makeup patterns to try:

  • Shade yellow-green from the inner corner of the eye to the inner eyebrow. Use orange to highlight under the brow. Accent the lower outer lid with green, and then lighten the entire upper eye area with yellow.
  • Apply green to both the upper and lower inner and outer corners of the eye. Apply yellow-green lightly to the central area of the upper lid. Apply orange to the eyebrows to soften them. Use yellow on the lower outer corner of the eye for graduation.

  • Apply yellow to the upper, inner corner, yellow-green to the center lid, and green to the outer corner. Gradually strengthen color to give the eyes a gentle expression. Apply a warm stroke of orange to the lower lid.

  • Encircle the eyes with orange, apply yellow-green to the center lid, and green to the inner corner as an accent. Lighten the area under the eyebrow with yellow and stroke onto the brow to complete the look."

Have fun, but remember, the Awakening line won't be available until late March!

Shu Uemura: 800-743-8205.

In the US, Shu Uemura has two shops, one in New York at 121 Greene Street (888-540-8181), and in West Hollywood at 8606 Melrose (800-743-8205).

Shu Uemura is also sold at Barney's New York on Madison Avenue, in Chicago and Beverly Hills.  You can also find Shu Uemura makeup in stores around the globe.