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For the Dancer series, Ms. Kobayashi applied makeup,
then asked the dancer to work up a vigorous sweat.  Mr. Fujii's
photographs were taken when the perspiration caused the makeup to run.

Teruko Kobayashi and Hideki Fujii have published two books of Karada Kesho, Karada Kesho and Maquillage Du Corps.

Since 1994, Teruko Kobayashi has been the director of the From Hand Teruko Kobayashi Makeup Academy. At the beginning of her career, Ms. Kobayashi joined the Kose Cosmetic Company as a beauty specialist. Kose is one of the major cosmetics companies in Japan. In 1988, she became the companyís first female executive, and subsequently its director. In 1991, after leaving Kose, Ms. Kobayashi founded the Be-Fine Beauty Research Institute.

Throughout Japan, Ms. Kobayashi is renowned for her natural style of makeup application, and of course, her stunningly beautiful body painting. She has worked as a makeup artist and consultant in advertising, for fashion shows, musicals, TV, film, and theater. Ms. Kobayashi is also a member of Japanís Leadership 111, an association of leading professional women in various fields, which promotes networking, career information, and support.

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