La Femme Nikita
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FF: And of course there’s clothes for different, you know, there are the clothes that are for a mission, and there are clothes for when you’re at Section, and there’s at home and there’s evening wear and stuff. But what do Michael’s clothes say about him?

(by Marni Grossman)

Laurie Drew: Well, he’s very non-committal. I mean, we do not know about him. He’s almost an illusion, you know. He’s done with mirrors, right? And he’s not a real person. So he doesn’t show anything. He shows absolutely no emotion, whatsoever. So you could, like you could project going to his house, say for example. You open the closet doors and there’d be thirty suits exactly the same. He’s more a cartoon character in that respect. I don’t know if you can call it that, but he’s more two dimensional. Like he’s not showing more dimension than he absolutely needs to.

FF: And you dress him in Gaultier?

Laurie Drew: Yeah, he looks really good in Gaultier.

FF: Is that primarily what he wears?

Laurie Drew: He wears Versace; also a line called Istante ...

FF: Oh yeah.

Laurie Drew: ... which he wears, and Gucci. That’s about all we can find for him. You know, we’ve really painted ourselves into a corner with him, right? Because it’s got to be a uniform. But it’s got to be a certain kind of body language too. Because there’s a lot of chemistry between him and Peta, and you don’t see him really kind of schlumping around in loose fitting stuff, or anything too conventional. So it’s got to have a bit of an edge. But it still has to be a uniform. So those are the only suits to date, anyway. I’m sure there’s other stuff out there that I probably haven’t seen, but as far as what we can find and source out, it’s that, you know the Gaultier--great cut.

FF: And as far as fitting and alterations, I mean because it strikes me also with this show, compared to other television shows, the way all the clothes, the men’s suits too, they fit absolutely perfectly.

Laurie Drew: I think fit is so important.

FF: And do you spend ...

Laurie Drew: You could probably take any garment, and if it was properly fit you can make it look fabulous or just very, very commonplace you know? You probably could.

FF: Yes, I think that’s absolutely true. So do you have a lot of fittings with Roy Dupuis?

Laurie Drew: We usually do Roy at the beginning of the season. And then again maybe you know halfway through or thereabouts, we’ll book some time with him and have another series of fittings.

I’ve got like an amazing crew here of really, really skilled people and we know him by heart to the point where any fluctuation in weight is immediately known! But they’re very good about that; they’re really conscious about our efforts. And therefore if, you know, they eat a little bit more over Christmas, they’ll work it off.

FF: Tell me about Operations’ suits and jackets and so forth.

What designers do you use for him?

Laurie Drew: He’s an Armani guy. You know, pretty much. Raspini, just kind of whatever Italian…pretty conventional, you know. It’s not hard stuff to buy. He wears clothes very, very well.

FF: Doesn’t he.

Laurie Drew: Yeah he does, so you know it’s an Armani kind of silhouette. And then you know we take it from there with whatever’s around that kind of feels right.

FF: And Madeline?

(by Marni Grossman)

Laurie Drew: Madeline’s all custom.

FF: Is it?

Laurie Drew: Yeah, it’s all made by us.

FF: I think she looks very good in clothes too. Is she tall?

Laurie Drew: She’s average. I think she’s about five eight.

FF: Because she seems--maybe it’s the silhouette, that it’s a nice long lean look. And as far as Matthew Ferguson, Birkoff?

(by Michael Courtney)

Laurie Drew: Oh yeah, he’s great.

FF: I like his clothes, too. There were some really cool T-shirts last season.

Laurie Drew: We’re using less and less of the street look. It’s got the street silhouette now, but less of the specifics, like the logos and stuff are kind of going away. I guess he’s maturing too.

FF: Right, and Walter?

(by Michael Courtney)

Laurie Drew: Don is Don and always will be. You know, he kind of came to us with his preference, which is the bandannas and the leather jeans and that, and I guess we just kind of slightly tweaked it for our show. Because there’s not a whole lot we can do with him. He’s an older person who’s kind of settled into a groove, and had grown into that groove, and embellished it over the years. And he doesn’t have a lot of versatility. I don’t know how you can say this in a nice way. It’s certainly not meant to be not nice. But it’s just--in terms of creativity it’s pretty limited with him.


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